The Complete Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Checklist
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The Complete Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Checklist

Creating an engaging and informative campaign will help your potential backers to learn more about your crowdfunding idea and decide, prepare everything and let the backers decide whether or not they want to contribute or not. There are many bloggers and writers and crowdfunding experts who mentioned you must get started two months before you launch your crowdfunding campaign. If You are working hard and ready to finalizing every important aspect of campaign and it’s marketing strategies, here is the the ultimate and final checklist you should consider.

The Planning: If you have a great idea and planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign, You must have a platform where you would like to put your campaign. Do research about the platform, even the alternatives, consider the pricing [the platform commission]. In case if you chosen Kickstarter, that must approve your campaign before it launches. If you are hoping to get the money straight into your bank account or as soon as the campaign ends, then you are wrong. Every platform has it’s own commission structure and takes few days to couple of weeks from the date your campaign ended.

Do not forget project timeline planing means prepration, pre-launch, launch date, and campaign end date.

The Crowdfunding Story: Everyone loves storytelling, storytelling is by far the most underrated skill, It’s something that comes from inside of you and everyone can tell a story about anything they are passionate about whether you’re writing the real problem you face, the exact idea or a pitch or a business plan, your story should inspire and engage emotionally and that will connect you to your audience.

crowdfunding storytelling

Telling a good and engaging story about your crowdfunding idea will be only way to engage backers for campaign investment. People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers.

Compiling and telling a story is really a good way to make the idea valuable. Some people do not want or not clearly reveal to backers why the funding is required, in this case make sure the campaign story finds takers and your personal agenda of how you would want to support the cause becomes appealing.

Pitch Videos: A pitch video reflects professionalism and the seriousness about the campaign or cause. The backers and potential investors are smart enough to judge about these aspects, they can understand you quickly. Did you know, the campaigns with pitch videos raise 4 times more than a campaigns without pitch videos.

The campaign would be extremely effective, if you include an pitch video in your campaign. videos can engage and can communicate with your target audience while offering you full creative control.

pitch videos for crowdfunding

First 30 seconds are important to grab the attention of audiences. Within first 30 seconds the backer decides if she/he is going to invest in the crowdfunding project or move on and please make sure your pitch video must be under 3 minutes.

Pitch Text & Visuals: Pitch Text [The Content] is equally important as Pitch Videos, and an important aspect for your crowdfunding campaign. to have strong pitch text on your campaign page. The best way to move ahead, dividing the entire Pitch Text as Content Blocks which can be improved on everyday basis, and of course according to your preferences & the crowdfunding planning. Do not forget pitch text should lead up to one call to action.

The Content Blocks

  • Short Introduction
  • About the Campaign
  • How it Works
  • Impact on Real world
  • About the Team / Company
  • Perks & Rewards
  • Funds Usage
  • Campaign Updates

In addition to the content, high-quality visuals can help quickly to explain what’s the exact goal of the crowdfunding campaign. In addition, you can add product screenshots as well as infographics along with the content.

If you are not an expert and good with content or graphic designing, you can hire professionals for the job. Once you get everything, take some time to finalize everything including press releases, contents, social media contents.

Perks & Rewards: You have to be very fair with the rewards, in case if we think about ROI the backers wants and expects to have a fair deal. Don’t forget the point, every support will back your project with an expectation that they will receive something against their investment.

Organizing and preparing for your crowdfunding campaign launch, it’s crucial to offer the rewards / perks that your backers will love. Try to connect them emotionally but be realistic with your rewards. Also do offer some special perks which you can include in the campaign to keep the momentum going.

Social Media: Crowdfunding campaign management can be a challenge but if you will act like a wise marketer, act smartly to use social media effectively for your crowdfunding campaign, social media can play a crucial role to the success of your campaign.

Pushing social media outreach is vital especially when most people are hooked on these platforms, you have to make sure you have a set of creative content which will be shared and re-shared on social media networking sites. Your efficient work will create awareness that will drive traffic, get you contributions, pledges and donations for your crowdfunding campaign.

social media for crowdfunding

Pushing social media outreach is vital especially when most people are hooked on these platforms, you have to make sure you have a set of creative content which will be shared and re-shared on social media networking sites. Your efficient work will create awareness that will drive traffic, get you contributions, pledges and donations for your crowdfunding campaign.

Social media contents along with images receive higher engagement than those without on social media platforms specially facebook, twitter. Make sure you do use Social Media Management Tools, which will be helpful to create a schedule of regularly rotating contents all related to your crowdfunding campaign.

PR Strategies: You have to attract media for your crowdfunding campaigns else its rare to have automatic mentions in premium outlets. You have to make efforts so that media outlets covering your campaign. Signup with HARO and

The Steps for Crowdfunding PR

  • Press Release Content Creation, Put focus on your story,
  • Start pitching during pre-launch period,
  • Research journalists who cover your business topic,
  • First target the local media,
  • Apart from media, Target influencers, bloggers, writers,
  • Include visuals, product screenshots in the PR Content.
  • Release a PR whenever you reach a milestone.

The writers, authors, bloggers and contributes always look for good pitching stories and you can try HARO and Hey.Press to connect with the journalist for free. Check these posts where I wrote about Free Press Release Distribution Websites & Crowdfunding News Portals.

Email List: Every early supporter can bring a larger group that consists of anyone who might be interested in your project. Whenever you reach 25- 30% of your target goal, start email marketing campaign for a push. The primary question is often I’m being asked how to build the email list?

This is how to build the list:

  • Create a list of family & friends of You and your team.
  • Ask your team to get the same of their supporters & followers
  • Extract emails from social media platform like facebook, check this post
  • Buy it from an email list provider, not a temporary solution.
  • Collect Emails from your crowdfunding Landing Page, Make Opt-In noticeable

Once the lists are finalized, start a campaign of pre-launch email marketing to everyone including friends, family and early supporter, also start an email invite campaign for your campaign soft launch, then a pre-launch announcement and final launch email campaign.

Don’t rush to the launch your crowdfunding campaign. A successful campaign needs proper planning as well as execution and only after all above, cross check this checklist before the official launch.

Share your experience if you already went through a crowdfunding pre-launch campaign, Also comment and share if you have something to add in this article. Let us know!

Indiegogo and GoFundMe
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Quick Comparison between Indiegogo and GoFundMe

“GoFundMe is profitable and has made roughly $60 million in total revenue over the five years since the site launched. Its members now raise about $100 million in donations per month.” – GoFundMe – WSJ Report

Recently GoFundMe became popular platform for raising money for personal, charity, or nonprofit causes. I’ve been monitoring the GoFundMe campaigns and witness to see the it is becoming leader for some specific purposes like medical emergencies, education expenses, volunteering initiatives, or for memorial funds.

Backed by awesome support team, The mobile and smartphone friendly GoFundMe platform features and functionality helps the fundraiser to set up an online fundraiser and share it on internet and with your social network as well.

“No Deadlines or Goal Requirements,” & “Keep Every Donation You Receive,” that you can create a mobile-friendly campaign, and that there is prompt email support.

Pricing: 5% platform fee + ~3% payment processing fee + $0.30 per donation.

Assume, if you are planning to raise $5,000 from 200 donations (average of $25). You’d actually receive $4,540 and GoFundMe would take in $460 or $250 from their platform fee.

It’s unlikely that strangers are going to pledge or that you’re going to get donations from the GoFundMe platform. One point is very clear if you are going to raise funds, you have to do most of the marketing and promotion of your own campaign.

Indiegogo, another awesome crowdfunding platform which accepts all kind of crowdfunding project, without reviewing them unlike Kickstarter. It launched in December 2014 now re-branded as ‘Generosity‘ lets you fund personal causes for free a new section called Indiegogo Life, which allows fundraising campaigns meant to help yourself or others to be run for free, with fees only removed for credit-card processing. It’s a big advantage over other sites like GofundMe, which typically take a small percentage off of all funds received regardless of the campaign type.

Indiegogo will allow fundraisers for a number of different causes, including emergencies, medical fees, and celebrations.

“We’ve seen the impact that a group of people coming together to support an important social cause can have and our commitment to support nonprofit and personal funding has literally changed lives for the better,” wrote Indiegogo cofounder and CEO Slava Rubin in an email to FORBES. “We’re now making that easier with Generosity.”

Pricing: 5% platform fee + 3% payment processing fee.

The Decision: The donation will be coming from your own efforts, from your own social network connections, local networks, references. The lowest fee of the platform will be a major point to consider. and here considering major and minor points I would like to suggest Indiegogo. Maybe it doesn’t matter: Users can decide whether they want to buy someone lunch, or help someone make salad.

Share your experience if you have something to add in this article. Let us know in a comment below!

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Crowdfunding Platforms for Medical Bills

The biggest step in this process is getting past the “asking for help” thought process but in order to raise funds through crowdfunding platforms, you will have to move past soon. Success of fundraising campaign like most isn’t a need to see it succeed but to insure that the fundraiser and it’s family doesn’t have to suffer financially because of expensive medical bills and expanses.

A lot of people do ask, what kind of people do back such campaigns and why they will put their own money for someone unknown to them. Learn why people will back your medical campaign:

  • Because of their personal experience,
  • Because they emotionally moved by campaigner’s story,
  • Because they are close to the crowdfunding campaigner,
  • Because they do care to save someone’s life,
  • Because they think, Giving is good thing to do,
  • Because they want to make a difference,
  • Because they are motivated by personal recognition,
  • Because they want to do something active about the issue or take a stand on a particular problem,
  • Because they are close to a community or group,
  • Because the campaigners is family, friend and relative.

Did you find the emotional content in the above questions. While pitching the campaign you have to consider the perfect emotion to your potential backer. Your pitching could help you for your financial needs as well as an opportunity for someone who really wants to help in such scenario.

There are many crowdfunding platforms which can be used for crowdfunding for medical bills and expanses. Choose the right Platform for medical crowdfunding according to your need: Check these websites.

GoFundMe: As per GoFundMe claims, the platform raised Over $2 Billion, is the largest and well-known for personal causes. The platform allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. GoFundMe charges 5% fee from each donation users receive. If the user receives no donations, then no charge is made.

GiveFoward: is a popular among the people who crowdfund to help pay for a loved one’s medical bills. It’s users uses and start fundraising campaigns on to raise money for medical expenses incurred by a friend, a family member, or even a pet. This GiveForward website charges 5% fee to campaign creators and a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.50 per transaction.

YouCaring: YouCaring is a free crowdfunding website for personal and charitable causes. No fundraiser has ever been charged for using YouCaring and the platform has been successful with this model. YouCaring runs entirely on donations and does not charge a fee for their platform, though their donation processors charge fees i.e. typically 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

FundRazr: Built to enable social fundraising, this website works with Facebook to help people raise money for medical expenses, including medical bills, accident recovery, illness treatment and medical equipment.  Because this site has a “tight” integration with Facebook, supporters can post and share messages that reach a swarm of people on the popular social media site. In addition, FundRazr also allows patients to raise money for health travel and for disaster and tragedy relief.

Watsi: Watsi lets people donate as little as $5 toward low-cost, high-impact medical treatment for patients in third-world countries. Watsi represents the next generation of charities, profiles of the patients are posted on the Watsi site, and the online community begins donating.

Share your experience if you already setup a crowdfunding campaign for medical bills, Also comment and share if you have something to add in this article.

Let us know in a comment below!
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List of Crowdfunding Industry News Portals, Forums & Blogs

We collected a list of active blogs, forums, communities, and news portals of Crowdfunding industry. You can go through these active portals which are really helpful resources of tips, news , press release and even for networking. We will keep adding new website links in this list.

Crowdfunding Industry News & Blog Portals

CrowdfundInsider: Run by Charles Luzar, CrowdfundInsider covering disruptive finance including crowdfunding, peer-to-peer / marketplace lending, Fintech and more from around the world and a searchable directory of lated industry trends and news.

CrowdFundBeat – Run by Stuart Hillston in the UK, Sydney Armani and Philip Chen in the US, and Megan Kiakorian in Canada,  CrowdFund Beat Media International is an online source of news, information, events and resources for crowdfunding, e-publishing latest news and expert views on Crowdfunding trends, projects and news.

CrowdCrux:  Crowdcrux started by Salvador Briggman, it’s been a great source for free tips and interviews with successful creators.

Ayudos: Ayudos run by Mike Gonzalez, dedicated to helping the Crowd-funding community abroad by directly promoting and sharing Crowdfunding campaigns and projects with those interested in funding and investing great projects.

CrowdfundUk: CrowdfundUk is a blog created by Anne Strachan, they are helping developing and supporting crowdfunding campaigns; creativity and innovation and business model generation for social entrepreneurs.

Launch and Release: Levi James and Ian Anderson provide tips derived from interviews with successful music crowdfunders, this is a set up to help and train musicians on how to raise more funds during their crowdfunding projects.

TheCrowdCafe: Crowdfunding industry research, news and resources with a focus on equity and investment crowdfunding created by Jonathan Sandlund.

CrowdfundingDojo: A blog created by Piers Duruz that focuses on providing Kickstarter fundraising tips.

Kickpreneur: Started and run by Jason Katzer and Ramin Assemi. Started by Jason & Ramin interviews the creators of amazing Kickstarter projects. You can visit Kickpreneur for awesome Kickstarter Advices.

FundingTheDreamOnKickstarter: A Kickstarter tips podcast run by Richard  Bliss


Crowdfunding Forums

Reddit Thread: Crowdfunding thread on reddit for crowdsourced funding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. This is the subreddit for discussing crowd-funding, techniques, results, etc.

CrowdfundingForum: A crowdfunding industry forum run by Brian Krassenstein.

KickstarterForum: A forum dedicated to Kickstarter Projects run by Salvador Briggman.

Reprap: A Forum for Crowdfunding Projects Announcements, should be all related to kickstarters, indiegogo, gofundme or any other crowdfunding platform.

CrowdInvesting: Equity crowdfunding & Crowdfunding Forum in German language. Idea, advice, review, advantages and disadvantages of the German equity crowdfunding platforms.

CreativeCow: This forum is dedicated to the topic of crowdfunding as it relates to indie film, cinematography, and the video industry. Major platforms covered are Kickstarter .


Crowdfunding Community & Social Network

CrowdNuke: The only online community where you can connect with like minded crowdfunding campaigners, backers and investors. It’s a social network for crowdfunders.


Share some information about blogs, websites, networks, portals. Do write and share if you have something to add in this list. Let us know in a comment below!

Multifunctional handsfree HeadPal raising funds on Kickstarter
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Multifunctional handsfree HeadPal raising funds on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is successful when you solve a real problem. Sydney, Australia based Adam Agresta solved such a problem when he was using his own smartphone in 2014, the idea of ‘HeadPal’ which lets people look at their screens without using their hands. Adam spent spent a year developing a smartphone accessory product which will help smartphone users watch media files without developing neck pain or fatigue.

This unique and innovative hands-free device is about to change how smartphone users will watch content such as videos and other mobile content. This multi-functional Smartphone accessory allows it’s users to view any media without the inconvenience of having to hold or balance their Smartphone device.

adam headpal crowdfunding campaign.


The accessory is designed to securely hold your Smartphone device in place for you, hands free while keeping it at the right eye level for comfort and visibility. Within a short period of time the smartphone accessory attracted crowdfunding backers and just with few days after launching the kickstarter campaign, it was able to launch AUD 3,800, seems this project is set to become one of the successful campaigns on Kickstarter.

The company’s founder has been asked about the product and it’s uniqueness, Adam Agresta responded “Our Headpal product simply is responding to what consumers want. People are using Smartphone’s more than ever before, and this innovative Smartphone accessory is simply just a reflection of that. While there are many other Smartphone mount accessories are on the market, what makes HeadPal unique is its ability to morph into differed modes, with three main features to suit the needs of all users,” Adam said.

“Whether traveling, lying down or moving around doing other things, the HeadPal accessory is easy and fun to use and comes with many features,” he added.

For detailed information or to learn more about the company behind this multinational smartphone accessory, you can visit their website:; You can also join on facebook [], twitter [@Head_Pal] & Instagram [@headpal]. If you really liked the hands-free accessory, you can help the company to reach their Goal on Kickstarter. If everything goes according to plan, HeadPal will reach Kickstarter backers in March 2016.

crowdfunding infographic
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History of Crowdfunding: Infographic

This crowdfunding infographic will help you to understand how & when crowdfunding started and how much people are investing through crowdfunding.

History of crowdfunding

You can download the crowdfunding infographic through this link: History of Equity Crowdfunding Infographic, in a pdf form, originally shared by

Set up a crowdfunding campaign on your own website
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Set up a crowdfunding campaign on your own website

Crowdfunding campaigns do well on platforms and with an already existing crowd on top crowdfunding website like kickstarter, indiegogo, gofundme etc, where it’s much easier to grab attention. Again, your campaign needs to compete against others in the niche. It is thus important to understand how to go about promoting your campaign in other ways too. Setting up a crowdfunding campaign is the best when you can put up your cause at your own website. Hence others can visit your website where you can elaborate on the project. The website can be designed and developed to showcase the motive behind the campaign. Campaigners can always outsource the development work to companies.

Domain and hosting: For your campaigning success the basic is definitely a website name that reflects your project. A relevant domain name goes a long way to build the project’s identity. Choose a reliable web hosting provider like HostGator so your crowdfunding website must load quickly. [Note: Because we’re an affiliate partner, HostGator offers 30% OFF for The CrowdNuke readers. That’s a phenomenal price.] Click this link to See the Offer.

Today there are so many choices in website building platform that you will find it easier to create the website pages in support of your crowdfunding. Right from handling the payment processing, to content and even third party API integration there is a pool of amazing benefits that come with a suitable website design to start crowdfunding campaign with a plan in mind.

Setting up website theme: Once your choice of platform is made, jump start to choosing an appropriate theme to support your campaign. Customize the design so that it gives your project the ideal leverage to seek crowdfunding attention in the community. With a suitable call-to-action, proper text, rewards, fundraising, and promo codes to contribute to your campaign it should provide your project the ideal outcome.

See how other third party additions can optimize the message to a great extent. It includes popular features such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, etc. Check out what other successful campaigners have achieved success with. This gives you a better way to run own crowdfunding project without entirely relying on fundraising platforms.

Marketing strategy
But the drawback is that you will be running your campaign on your website so you cannot be completely sure whether your efforts will give back all the success as you can still anticipate at crowdfunding websites. However, when you run the campaign on your website you still have the convenience of promoting the project for long.

Also, that the campaign can be strategized as a whole is also a major benefit associated with promotional campaigns held on the website. It can be merged with the online marketing. This also includes targeted promotions on crowdfunding websites. How to launch a crowdfunding campaign when you have a website and a solid one at that too? Why you can always blend everything together, synchronize your efforts and watch how your project news becomes viral!

There are several benefits and disadvantages to launching your crowdfunding campaign on your website. But even if you do not have much experience with coding or setting up websites, choosing to do so o WordPress will make it relatively easier to set up the campaign process.

Share your experience if you already setup a crowdfunding campaign on your website, Also comment and share where are you looking more.

Let us know in a comment below!

Reach your Crowdfunding’s Full Potential through Advertising
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Reach your Crowdfunding’s Full Potential through Advertising

Advertising your new crowdfunding project in an effective manner can be very difficult, especially if you’re not some marketing guru. But there are some simple tips that can help anyone get seen more often, and increase their chances of having a successful campaign. First of all and most importantly, you can’t be lazy. Your potential customers will notice and will not be fond of helping your campaign if you don’t seem interested in it yourself.

Quality is important: People see hundreds of ads every single day, through TV, internet, radio, or just driving. It’s pretty easy to differentiate between crappy ads and much higher quality ads. You can take inspiration from these great ads, but definitely don’t copy it – if you’ve seen it, others probably have too. Be original, and make your ad something pleasant to see, and not invasive. If your ad prevents someone from viewing the website they’re going to, they’re not going to be too pleased and if anything, could just give you negative press which is the opposite of what you want. Additionally, it has to be accurate and should have a call to action, telling the viewer what to do to support the campaign.

Advertise smart : If you’re trying to make an awesome new action game, advertising on a Medicare forum may not be the right place. You probably have a good idea of what demographic you’re aiming for, do your research, and find the best places to advertise. Make sure you analyze the reports that the websites give you, so you can advertise more effectively. Is there a time of day you get the most traffic? Is one website significantly more successful at bringing you traffic than others? Make sure you optimize whatever you can so your advertising is as effective as possible. Don’t just pay and forget about it.

Be fresh, original, and new! Once you start getting more successful, maybe it’s time to freshen up your advertising. Maybe you had some second glances from people but they just didn’t click. Maybe a new, more exciting ad will get them to click. It’ll get more looks and if nothing else, serve as a reminder to those who were interested in your project.

If you continue to work hard on advertising, people will notice, and that’s definitely a good thing. You would rather be seen as a hard worker than not. Just do your best and if it’s a good project, people will come and be excited if you are excited!

Share your experience if you took help of advertising for your crowdfunding campaign, Also share about the topic? Let us know in a comment below!

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How to Attract Backers to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding as a concept is nothing new and more people are looking to raise money using the prospect. Though it may seem that you can easily roll out a new campaign and make the profits, but in most cases it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Why would you want to start a campaign unless you don’t want to attract crowdfunding backers? There are few important things to consider whether you are looking to get your project concept funded or even as an entrepreneur want to showcase your product. Many a times entrepreneurs do not get funded through the traditional means, hence crowdfunding is a better option to endorse in such a case.

Here are few of the crucial factors that come into being when you are thinking of crowdfunding. Entrepreneurs and individuals that have been benefited through the means are able to get expert assistance with proper insight into the various aspects of crowdfunding.

Is crowdfunding good for you– Even though crowdfunding is a means that caters both to individual and businesses, yet there is some kind of a financial requirement always involved from the campaigners side. It is important to understand that Contributions to Your Crowdfunding Campaign aren’t supporting you for free. A lot of work needs to be done and you will have to do a lot of hard work to create such a campaign that attracts potential sponsors. It should not be just your last resort and it is advisable not to spend all your savings into organizing the campaign. Then in that case crowdfunding isn’t quite your way of getting the funds.

Planning – Though it can be difficult to understand what you can expect from your campaign, yet for those that are lucky enough to see your campaign going viral, you should be able to let all that attention work for you. It is entirely essential to plan a better campaign that you can manage well. Get people to look after your campaign, share news and updates with the media etc. if you cannot handle the entire task on your own. At times it gets tough when you need to work for the campaign and maintain its popularity as well all the time. Even after kick starting your campaign most of the work needs to be done post that. Planning is just one vital trick and among the proven ways to attract more contributions.

crowdfunding planning

Building trust and transparency – The main aim of the campaign should be to design a compelling message that really entices the contributor. An emotional message that describes your journey and concept is great to provoke a response. If people can relate to your idea and cause it helps build trust. There must be a proper “call-to-action” to show your passion and loyalty towards the campaign.

Develop thought provoking content and distribute – Nothing beats content and if you have got some with great quality that exhibits your message then you can constantly keep updating your community about it. The choice of platform also matters in that case, but again the matter should be interesting. People must be able to join you on this journey. There should be a creative recursive loop that will help you gain more rewards during the campaign.

Backers and not money – It is all about telling people how your campaign will benefit them. Crowdfunding backers are able to help you understand how to they can assist you to build the loyal community that will help you to reach out to your goal. These people communicate with others on their network about your cause that might initiate half of the contributions that you receive as a result.

build relationship with backers

Share your experience if you attracted huge crowdfunding backers for your crowdfunding idea, Also comment and share about the topic? Let us know in a comment below!

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Why you should not go for multiple crowdfunding campaigns

Crowdfunding is a really exciting and powerful tool that has really come into its own in the last few years. Now it’s becoming even more popular for companies to utilize multiple different crowdsourcing websites to fund their project. There are several reasons to do this, but it can also have some drawbacks. It is completely legal as of now, though there is some talk about preventing it from happening in the future, so it’s worth keeping up to date on the law.

Probably the most difficult part about running multiple campaigns is the sheer effort it takes to run them properly. People who participate in crowdfunding expect more from the campaign than other such campaigns, so it’ll take more effort in answering questions, updating the multiple campaigns, and staying on top of the promised promotions. In some cases, overworking yourself could actually cost you the campaign if you are not prepared for it, as it could reduce the quality of all of your work for the campaign, so sometimes it is simply better to keep the campaign focused on one crowdfunding source.

However, the benefits of running multiple campaigns can be massive. By utilizing multiple crowdfunding sources, you could potentially raise significantly more money for your project, and focusing on different markets each time. With one focused source, your market will be much larger and generalized, so you can have the added benefit of improved marketing with multiple campaigns running. Obviously, this is more work but if you can manage it then you can see very positive results and a much higher chance of your campaign getting funded, although it’s certainly not for every campaign.

In addition, if you have an existing customer base, it allows you to have a split focus on running your external crowdfunding campaign as well as running a strong internal campaign as well, where you can get current customers excited about additional or new projects that you’re working on. This can be really effective as if you already have happy customers, they’re more likely to return to you in the future.

As you have seen, running multiple crowdfunding campaigns can be a very daunting idea, but can really pay off if done well. It’s not for everyone, but if you have the time and resources to do it properly, it can ensure a much better result from your crowdfunding campaigns. For inspiration, it may be good to look around for large companies that utilize multiple campaigns for one project, and see what they do and if they’ve been successful in the past by doing so.

Share your experience if you ran multiple crowdfunding campaigns for your idea, Also comment and share about the topic? Let us know in a comment below!