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How to raise funds using crowdfunding sites for your Non Profit

Crowdfunding is one of the most interesting concepts that have helped crowds to raise funds for aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. It allows people to donate money to support a project or business. Those who are seeking money to take their cause to the community to acquire an amount can benefit from the various non profit crowdfunding websites that aim to assist entrepreneurs with few venture capitalists to support various causes.

The process is quite simple for both investors and entrepreneurs. A good concept when presented online gets the attention of investors. Nonprofits in return give away rewards to investors. There are many that are raising money with crowdfunding. However, it is important to understand how to make the most of the various crowdfunding websites out there. The key is to make sure that the traffic especially potential donors are able to relate to your cause. Here are some of the best online fundraising practices.

Clarity and simplicity
No matter what the cause you support and your idea for the project, make sure that your agenda is clear. If others do not understand your mission they as well might not be able to assist you with the money. There may not be every entrepreneur that would like your plan. Well, that is all right considering that you need the right audience to support your project. These are the people that would ultimately visit your page and spread the news to others on their network to make the Crowdfunding Campaign a success. Explain to them the story behind your motive and why do you want others to assist. Also, let them know how the fund would be utilized for the project. Make sure that the project is of value to your supporters.

Pitch unique
There are so many non profits that are seeking the aid of visitors on crowdfunding sites. It is important that your contributors find your campaign unique. Use pictures, videos, special slogans, catchy format, celebrities and models to raise the traffic to your page. With many tools to assist you in the campaign, get your campaign to stand out among others.

Getting the right tools
Even when you’re promoting your project on the top crowdfunding site list, it will still require some initial expenditure on your part. To be able to get a good funding, the project needs to be first highlighted and thus you require suitable equipment to put in the picture properly. Quite literally you need a professional tool to record your message properly. Amateur videos and casual pictures do not give much leverage to the crowd to benefit your campaign. Use proper lighting to support your images and videos to achieve a professional look.

Be Concise
Crowdfunding campaigns are plenty and many of the best teams are working their way to get noticed. These sites are usually so full with ideas so you should be showcase a short video that captures the project highlights. Listening to the 10 minutes short video is a concise way to shorten your message and yet put up an intensive pitch for the audience. On such non profit crowdfunding websites every second that people pay attention to your project counts!

Use stories and be you!
The audience is there to support real people with real causes, so do not pretend to be someone that you are not. If you are unable to create that inspirational video then hire a presenter. Make others feel exactly the way you feel so that they will listen carefully to your future plans. Explain what difficulties you have and faced when working on your cause. How online fundraising will be able to handle the project well.

If you own a non profit organization, Crowdfunding is an excellent way to raise funds online for your non profit, but you must have an awesome plan to put your idea and goal. There are thousands of non profit campaigns on the crowdfunding sites who used the platforms successfully, You need to give some time to review their campaign and then you can draft the plan. You must take advantage of one of the most interesting and positive ways to start raising funds online for your non profit today!

Share your experience if you raised funds for non profit using crowdfunding sites, Also share about the topic? Let us know in a comment below!

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iEast SoundSystem turns your current speakers into a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System

If you are a Audiophiles or music lovers, may be you are facing several issues since the internet has digitized music and the ways to listen to it. Your music library is split into different locations: on your desktop, your laptop, your Ipod, your mobile, your NAS and the cloud!  Sometimes it is a hard to find the right song when you want in. In the end, when you have found your favorite song on the correct device, when you want to listen to it, you have another problem. Should I stay in the room to listen to, my phone doesn’t have good sound! Do I have the right cable to connect on my stereo etc … So clearly, for music lovers, listening music is starting to be a pain and you need to be an engineer to make it happen. STOP!

ieast_music _issue

Based on previous experience and after gathering many customers insights, we identified that the solution to stream wirelessly music will be to have combination of an app and a wifi connected stereo.

Solution: iEast Ltd. recently announced the development and launch of iEast SoundSystem, a revolutionary music media library system that takes users’ music libraries across multiple channels to merge them and stream with a high quality of sound to any stereo.

The specialized iOS and Android app, iEast Play, provides an easy experience for an Wireless Multi-Room SoundSystem set up.  Besides that iEast SoundSystem also provides the most powerful playback option which allows you to stream  synchronized music or different music from cellphone/online music service/NAS/UPNP Network/Micro SD card with a awesome sound quality in multiple rooms .

iEast Ltd. recognizes that listening to music today can be a challenge because people so often have music strewn out across online and offline channels and various devices. “You never use the right device or be in the right room to play the music you love. Because you love music, we want to satisfy your audiophile expectation,” said the iEast Ltd. Team.

The iEast SoundSystem is a wireless audio adapter that centralizes music libraries, turning speakers, soundbars, and home theaters into wireless hi-fi multi-room sound systems connected to home wi-fi networks. Users will only need an aux-in connection to use the system, and no new equipment is necessary. By combining both digital and physical components, the iEast SoundSystem delivers two core elements: the iEast Play App and the iEast Box.

The iEast Play App lets users stream from their music apps, internal memory, memory cards, and more, while the iEast Box is an audio receiver that lets users connect with their local wireless network, music sources, speakers, stereos, and more.


ieast  Wireless AudioThe iEast SoundSystem was conceptualized by Ming Lan and Yannick Touillon-Renaud, and the two are spearheading the product’s charge to the forefront of the audio industry. The duo have announced that they will be hosting an Indiegogo campaign in this Sunday with the goal of raising funds to launch mass production and increase awareness for this innovative product.

Lan and Touillon-Renaud recognize that what’s different about their audio system is that it gives users a sustainable audio platform. “Technology should not replace everything all the time. We need to be able to recycle any existing stereo equipment to live this amazing experience,” said the team.

Moving forward, iEast Ltd. wants to make sound and music experiences easy to use and access, enticing, and open for connection. With the development of the iEast SoundSystem, the team believes that they can reach and exceed these goals for the long term. By combining the streamlined iEast Box hardware and the integrated iEast Play App, which will be available for Apple and Android devices, the company expects to reach new horizons in media.

Currently, the iEast SoundSystem is available on Indiegogo, and first units will be shipped since Mid-December 2015 right for Christmas. More information:

About iEast Ltd.

iEast Ltd. has pioneered the wireless audio industry with the development of iEast SoundSystem, a wireless audio adapter that centralizes all music libraries into a wi-fi connected wireless multi-room sound system.



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ISIS using Crowdfunding to raise funds on VKontakte

Jihadists and their supporters are raising cash and recruiting on the Russian-speaking world’s most popular social network, despite a renewed and aggressive push by the Kremlin to crackdown on extremists online.

Multiple crowdfunding campaigns aimed at lining the purse strings of militant fighters and their families are active on VKontakte, Russia’s Facebook equivalent, an analysis by Vocativ has found. Hundreds of new profiles with apparent ties to the Islamic State and other jihadist groups have also cropped up on the social networking site within recent days.

The revelations come as Russian continues to expand its role in Syria’s civil war, which has angered extremists with ties to both ISIS and al-Qaeda back home. At the same time, the Kremlin has stepped up its offensive to combat what it sees as potential domestic threats online. On Wednesday, Roskomnadzor, the government agency that controls the media, boasted that it had successfully blocked more than 900 websites and URLs affiliated with jihadist recruitment and propaganda campaigns, including VKontakte users.

Still, some extremists continue to conspicuously crowdfund on the social media site, which has at least 280 million user accounts. Though it’s unclear, some of the money could ultimately fund fighters who have poured into Syria to join ISIS or battle the forces of President Bashar Al-Assad, who Russia supports in the conflict.

In one campaign reviewed by Vocativ, organizers claim they are raising money for a family whose husband recently left to join the war in Syria. Another asks fellow Muslims living in the Caucus region to contribute to a fund intended to aid unspecified “foreign fighters.”

“Brothers, help!” the user writes. “I ask the admins of other groups to repost.”

It’s not clear how much money these campaigns and others like them have raised because potential donors are directed to accounts hosted by QIWI, a Russian payment provider akin to PayPal. A recent study, however, showed one online group was able to crowdfund about 95,000 Russian rubles (approximately $1,500) in a matter of hours. That campaign was eventually shut down.

As some users get blocked on VKontake for suspected jihadist ties, others keep cropping up. Vocativ’s analysis found hundreds of new profiles on the social media site that appear affiliated with ISIS and other militant groups. One user, who went by the name “#Cyber | Jihad.” created a VKontake profile on Tuesday. A day later, the user had amassed more than 500 followers. By Thursday, #Cyber | Jihad. had been suspended “due to calls to violent actions,” according to the site.

isis recruiting crowdfunding

Russia’s struggle to keep suspected jihadists from using the Internet to recruit and raise money is an ongoing one. ISIS militants have been using QIWI, the payment platform, to raise money online since at least May, according to reports. VKontake has been trying to crack down on jihadist-affiliated users for more than a year.

But the stakes are higher now than ever for the country’s national security. More than 2,400 Russians have left to join the Islamic State, while the Kremlin recently claimed it broke up an ISIS cell in Moscow. Russia’s relentless airstrikes in Syria also prompted ISIS this week to declare a “holy war” against the country and its citizens.

The Kremlin’s air campaign in Syria has also angered al-Qaeda-affiliated militants. On Tuesday, the head of Jabhat al-Nursa called on jihadists to unleash a deadly offensive against civilians on Russian soil.

The article originally posted here

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Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding can be an excellent tool to help you fund a project that otherwise wouldn’t be funded. Crowdfunding has so many benefits as you really connect better to your potential consumer base much better, as they are the ones who will be either won over by your campaign, or who will pass on it to find something better for them. Rather than pitching to a man in a suit about why your product will be profitable and successful, you’re pitching to the customer, telling them why they need or should want your product.

Even though crowdfunding is awesome, it’s definitely not for the lazy as it requires perhaps even more work than other methods. You need to keep your consumers and potential consumers updated. They’re not going to waste their time on supporting your product if you don’t support it yourself. Be proactive, and take advantage of some of these tips to best connect to your audience, and get them excited for your project.

Frequent updates are important, even if it’s just you doing simple updates, activity shows them that you haven’t forgotten your project. People are far more hesitant to support a project that seems to be inactive. Keep your consumers hyped by being hyped yourself for your product. Answer questions, update your crowdfunding page, make it fun to follow and people will likely be more excited about what you’re offering and share it with their friends and family. In addition, there should be a somewhat personal touch to it. It’s always more interesting to learn more about the creator of the product rather than it being some faceless organization – connect on a personal level.

Media is also extremely important. Videos, pictures, and social media posts are all important. Word of mouth is the most important thing, but word of mouth is so much more effective when they can share photos or videos about the project. A picture or a video is way more eye catching than just a wall of text. In addition, people want to see how the project is coming, and even if it’s just you sitting in front of a vlog camera talking about it, it’s a great way to spread the word about your project.

Don’t let your audience do all of the work. You need to take initiative, and just assume no one will notice it otherwise. Keep active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other places so people can get interested and learn more about your product. The internet is huge, you need to take the steps to get noticed!

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Crowdfunding pushing ideas into Businesses

Getting sufficient capital for starting up a new business can often be the hardest part of starting a business. According to the Small Business Administration, over a half a million new businesses are formed each year, and less than one thousand of those will be funded by venture capitalists. This means funding can be very difficult to come by, but fortunately for everyone, crowdfunding campaigns have been a massive source of cash for many companies. Crowdfunding itself has become a massive business in of itself, the market reaching over $17 billion this year alone. Over 1,000 businesses have formed in the last few years to take advantage of this and help spread the wealth of crowdfunding.

One thing that is definitely noteworthy is that many companies have had to make concessions in the past, changing their vision or goal just to get started. But with crowdfunding, you are less likely to have to do that to achieve your goal of getting funded. You just have to get people excited and talking about you to reach success, rather than hoping a man in a suit likes your business enough to fund you. If you have a bad idea that nobody likes, then you wouldn’t have been funded anyway, but if you have a great idea, then as long as you work for it, you are likely to get achieve success on these crowdfunding websites and get funded – how exciting is that!

Sources available for crowdfunding

There are several different sources of crowdfunding as well, each with its own different vision, goals, way to get started, and different markets. The two most known websites are kickstarter and indiegogo, but there are hundreds of places to go if your project doesn’t fit in at those websites, and the way it looks now, it’s only going to become more and more popular. There are some negative stories out there, but the vast majority of people have very high opinions of crowdsourcing. It often feels like you’re more important as a donator, and they are accustomed to getting rewarded if the campaign is successful, and there is a lot less risk involved if it doesn’t get funded, as then the money will just be returned to them.


Crowdfunding is an excellent way to start up a business today, as long as you have a solid plan and a great idea. It has already changed startups so much, and is bound to have even more of an impact in the future. If you are thinking about crowdfunding, you should be excited that you have an opportunity to take advantage of one of the most interesting and positive ways to start a business today!


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Why do most crowdfunding campaigns fail?

Did you spend weeks—maybe hours or more preparing your Crowdfunding campaign, only to have it fail? This can be one of the worst feelings in the world and it happens all the time, even to the most creative people in the world. And everybody loved your idea, so, what could you have possibly done wrong in the crowdfunding process?

Well, there are many things that can go wrong during the crowdfunding process, especially, when you are planning your campaign. It’s been said once and it should be stressed again, the pre-crowdfunding phase is probably, the most important stage in the planning process. And if you don’t have patience during the planning process then you are rushing what could make or break your idea.

The reasons why your crowdfunding campaigns fail:

  • Have you spent enough time on planning and promotion? It’s vital to have a proper promotional structure. If you don’t give your campaign enough time in it’s pre-launch you might find that your lacking important details, ones that could make or break your campaign. And don’t forget to promote your campaign. It’s just as important and planning.
  • Have you attempted to notify your friends and family? A lot of times crowdfunding kicks off the best when family and friends starts pitching into your campaign. It’s sad but nobody wants to be the first to donate—but once you get the process going, things can get better.
  • Try to build as many relationships as possible. Ask yourself, “What is my campaign about and who should I be networking with?” That has to be one of the most important questions when getting ready to network.
  • It’s 2015, make a video introduction and make sure it catches the attention of the viewer. It’s been proven that campaigns with videos, seem to do much better when raising money. And it always helps people when they can see a face and feel a person’s personality. Wouldn’t you rather donate to a campaign with a person who has video details? It’s great being able to get to know people, and videos are one way to get the job done, especially, if you are looking for great promotion.


When you are launching your crowdfunding campaign it’s important to have patience. Success will follow as long as you do the proper planning, pay attention to promotion, ask your family and friends for help. And always remember to have a video introduction. This is your time to pitch your idea to the world, it’s your time to shine, so make sure your introduction is grabbing and your crowdfunding campaign will be right on it’s way to success.

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Best Practices in Non profit Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns require as much promotion as any other products and services. Do you expect people to know about your project and visit the campaign page on their own? Well, that’s the biggest mistake that campaigners make and Nonprofit Crowdfunding websites provide the required platform to make online fundraising effective. But eventually it is your campaign and it should be among your networking technique to attract donors. How can you market your non profit cause to maximize the fundraising experience?

Put across a good story

People give value to good stories and yours should be concise Just don’t tell them why you want the funding, tell them why exactly you’re out there with the endeavor. A good practice would be to create a blog where you can expand your story that donors can come over to explore instead of just what they see on the crowdfunding page. Documentation and past pictures to support your cause can be displayed at the blog and is an excellent part of Nonprofit Crowdfunding promotion.

Planning the campaign

It is tough to anticipate the kind of reaction your crowdfunding campaign would receive. If you can luckily get your campaign to go viral then you should reward donors with perks as incentives to support the cause. The key is to focus on impactful rewards since they match the sponsor’s interest to keep the campaign going.

Again, the goal is essential to create a balance between the mission achievable and the target you wish to aspire. Crowdfunding for Nonprofit helps you fundraise for what’s achievable. Draw an average donation amount so that it helps in achieving your campaigning goals further. Creating well-defined goals ensures that the target is specific, relevant, measurable, attainable, and timely as well.

Campaign content

The campaign story needs to be compelling and the one that works. Create a guideline such that you can pitch a great story that overcomes adversity of all kinds to show results. The way you fit across your story is able to garner your campaign all the attention. There can be the quest story where a group of devoted people strive to reach an ambitious goal. Another campaign story that is a highlight is the all-time popular rags to riches tales. People just love the sequence that underdogs take and miraculously achieve even the most hard to win circumstances. Such a storyline strikes the cords between your cause and donors. Hence, it’s definitely a win-win situation and a great way to attract people to your Nonprofit Crowdfunding promotion.

Tragedy stories too capture good attention from the negative prospect, say a disaster or calamity. People would be eager to help as they can relate to the helplessness and loss faced by others involved in the incident.

Chain of contributors

Relying just on the crowd at such fundraising websites isn’t the best practice. Make a list of people under three categories to outline campaign contributors as promoters, fundraisers, and donors. Promotors are able to amplify the outreach with social media campaigning for publicity that also popularize the fundraising pages. Donors are people that ultimately provide funds to support your cause. Again, the publicity should be done in a manner so that campaigners know who to target. Prepare for the materials that will help you get together the things required to attract promotors. With the right pitch get your story across to the correct audience to make the campaign a success.

Getting started with crowdfunding can be easy and with these tips for Nonprofit Crowdfunding campaign you can get things a bit more targeted to support your cause. After all, your motive should be the highlight of the marketing and it should have a proper route to blend with the masses.

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Raise Money for Your Education using Crowdfunding

When making the decision to go back to college, it’s hard to grasp the concept that college doesn’t have to be as “expensive,” as people state about tuition. It’s never easy to pay your college tuition, especially, when you have a full time job and parent but it can be done. And if you don’t have the funds right now, then there are options like scholarships, crowdfunding websites and grants.

Crowdfunding websites are amazing for helping students attend college without the worry that “there’s no money for books or classes.” The point of Crowdfunding is to help an individual pay for college.

Crowdfunding your education has never been easier.

What exactly is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a little different, it’s the method of raising money through the collective efforts of family, friends, investors, customers and even people you inspire. The approach is used to hopefully collect a large pool of individuals to work together and help fund your cause, this will primarily take place online, over social media.

What are the Benefits of Crowdfunding?

  • You have a much further reach by using crowdfunding platforms, like “Fundable,” and “Go Fund Me.”
  • By using Crowdfunding, you have the opportunity to give a presentation about your needs and why you want to further your education. It will help grab some traction and intrigue viewers.
  • Crowdfunding is easy to promote via Social Media.
  • Family, friends and strangers can donate to your educational needs.
  • It’s easy to deposit, when you are ready to pay for education.

Crowdfunding Websites for Education?

  • GoFundMe: GoFundMe is the most common crowdfunding platform to raise fund for education.
  • Indiegogo: Through Indiegogo, You can support educators and the learning community in their effort to raise money and achieve their fundraising goals.


  • Upstart: The premise of Upstart is simple: Help people get the money they need to pursue their dream. It could be anything from launching a software or get funded for education. 


  • tilt : Tilt is a technology company that makes it easy for groups and communities to collect, fundraise, or pool money securely and effectively online.



  • Zerobound: Zerobound’s crowdfunding platform helps volunteers raise funds toward their … When I heard about the unique opportunity that Zero Bound seeks to provide.


  • ScholarMatch: ScholarMatch provides free college counseling resources and services for aspiring college students from low-income families.


  • Crowdfundedu: CrowdFundEDU was a social funding platform for students, educators, schools and youth organizations to crowdfund for educational purposes. 



Crowdfunding doesn’t have to be re-payed and it’s a great way to raise money for your education. It’s a proven fact, education costs don’t have to be hard to pay, especially with the use of “Crowdfunding,” and all the scholarships they offer for education.

Your education could be paid for with a simple Crowdfunding campaign and a few educational grants that you can land by simply applying. And there are also scholarships that you can apply for to fund your education.

Are you ready to start Crowdfunding your education today?

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Noted Secrets of Crowdfunding Campaign Success

Crowdfunding is gaining popularity today. While recognition has become a major prospect; there are many battling it out for page views. The combat is fierce on websites offering fund raising benefits. Plenty of live projects are out there on these platforms and the kind of reachability with the right audience depends on the effectiveness of the promotional campaign. There are techniques that are able to provide you with the best tips for crowdfunding success. These are the crowdfunding secrets that successful projects have been able to achieve funding with.

Knowing these offer better insight into how to meet your project fundraising goals. Some of these terrific tips that were till now a secret have been compiled from campaigns achieving crowdfunding success in the past.

Solve a real problem – Find a real world problem and try to find out the solution, use your personal and professional experience to identify the problem solution, share the problem to your family, friends, supports and followers, they would back you when you will share the campaign. Make sure you are addressing a problem that enough people had and your idea or product can help people or solve the issue. Identifying a right problem and designing a solution for that particular issue will get you crowdfunding success.

Build a Team – Crowdfunding needs a professional a team that can help you with real world problem and its solution. A team effort will benefit you and the crowdfunding campaign it would also matter how big your team is as everyone from your team will try his/her best to promote on personal and professional level. Your team will help you in the professional networking and general administrative things. You will really need helping hands when the crowdfunding campaign will be live and the ongoing marketing efforts can easily take 24 hours or more each week.

Keeping things personal – Even if you’re an established organization the team behind the campaign should be known faces to the audience. Promotional spree with a touch of personality and humor always works. It clicks with the audience.

Video for campaign – One of the best and most effective ways to get to the target audience is to create an impressive video. Instead of just visiting your website and clicking on the images, videos will be a rather attractive medium to put your word across. However, here you must keep in mind that an amateur video will not generate that amount of interest enough to convince people to get involved. In fact, the video might make or break your campaigning efforts and damage the project’s credibility. Successful Crowdfunding includes videos that pitch the best for the project to get people to invest into your idea.

Media pages – The press has always played a pivotal role in popularizing such campaigns. Having a solid website and plenty of useful material that exhibits your campaign is a way to garnering all the attention essential for the project. Solely relying on your campaign Facebook page is not enough. The action should be to promote the project to as many avenues possible. Publications particularly take keen interest on buzzing news and if your campaign has that factor to create ripples, they might choose to promote your project.

Social media – There are several social media networks, but how do you know which one will market your campaign suitably. The social platforms that match your content and marketing strategies best should be utilized for the purpose. Do not forget to customize your promotion according to the plan. Look for ways to promote your campaign on the social media.

Continued coverage – Another major point among crowdfunding secrets is to remember to keep promoting your campaign on a continued basis. Even if there’s not much going on or there is bad news make sure you remain in the spotlight with your project no matter what the kind of coverage. The process should be on-going until the campaign has ended.

Reward schemes – This is a smart technique to get people hooked to your idea. When you have rewards to share with your followers then it maximizes the chances of crowdfunding success.

You can’ be sure about crowdfunding success, but studying the successful projects and their strategies and above crowdfunding secrets will help you certainly to maximize the chances. Share your experience with these mentioned secrets, Also comment and share where are you looking more. Let us know in a comment below!

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Go for Travel Crowdfunding to Raise Funds for Your Trip

Most people think that only rich people get to travel around the world. Well, if that would have been true then the maximum number of travelers worldwide wouldn’t have been in the age group of 19-23. Crowdfunding for travel is an ancient way of funding voyages since the time of the famous traveler, Marco Polo. There are so many popular figures in history that have crowdfunded their travels. Niche crowdfunding sites offer advantages in funding travel expeditions.

The concept of travel Crowdfunding is about the need for someone to fund a project that just cannot be funded by that person alone. The creator of the project will then put up ideas and the motive behind the cause. There are unique ways of promoting the project. Some would rather provide an exclusive access to certain sneak peaks of behind-the-scenes. Those sponsoring the project may also be offered special recognition with personalized rewards in store. These financial obstacles are aptly dealt with crowdfunding your travel. The supplement that is achieved in the process is able to fund your travel expenses.

Being able to promote the trip involves conveying your story in such a powerful way so that more people get to know about the campaign. The motive is to spread the cause and reach out to the target audience. There are few necessary steps that must be taken to make the most of your promotional activity. Crowdfund Your Travels is all about relating your story and most importantly how you’re going about to make the change. What is the volunteering work that you are trying to promote? The marketing should be performed with a no-holds-bar attitude. When you are confident about the trip others too would be interested in your motive.

If you can get across to more people it will only propagate your trip. Make sure you share your ideas with friends and acquaintances on the social networks. Blog posts that give you the leverage to promote your campaign by sharing through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more is an ideal way to let others get a perspective of what you’re up to with the campaign. In fact, crowdfunding websites allow sharing your campaign on the social networks. It is the best way to let people visit your campaign page on these websites. Also, getting your campaign news on the press sites online as well in the local publications is great to get attention from the media.

Travel Crowdfunding Websites:

Trevolta: A crowdfunding platform Trevolta can help you to raise funds for trip only if Can’t afforthe travel is meaningful holiday where you are free to register and create your crowdfunding campaign. There are no limitations on how long you can raise funds for. but they will deduct the commission from the raised funds, takes 6% from each contribution. Besides that, standard payment processing fees apply by the payment gateway Stripe — 2.9% + $0.30 per each contribution. You can request to raised funds anytime  and for that must have a PayPal account for that.

trevolta for travel crowdfunding

Kicktraveler: Kicktraveler is very different from Trevolta, not a platform to raise funds for travel trip but actually Kicktraveler promotes collaborative crowdfunding where both the backers and the trip planners make the trip happen. According to the founders, Maurizio Martinoli and Francesco Forconi: “By backing the trip, you are basically telling the trip creator ‘Hey, I like your itinerary and I want to come along so here’s my share.‘ If it gets the minimum number of travelers specified by the trip creator, the trip takes off or else, everyone gets refund.”

As an interested traveler, you start by making a deposit of 10% of the total estimated cost of the trip that wont’ be charged until the minimum number of travelers join in. The rest of the payment is handled offline between the traveler and the trip creator.

kicktraveler for travel crowdfunding

GoFundMe: Raise money to go on an exciting trip! Embark on the adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

gofundme for travel crowdfunding

Make sure prior to the start of the campaign you analyze how others have gone ahead with travel Crowdfunding. If they’ve got success with their project see how they’ve fared. Analyze both the successes and failures to realize what errors were made in the past. Just before the pre-launch, focus should be given on upfront work. Trying to utilize the opportunity in the right way is important. Ideas are out there in dozens, but the aim should be to stimulate the dream to convert it into reality. Like most plans, crowdfunding also requires some sort of investment. When you can provide others with a clear picture of the purpose of your trip, you’re sure to grab attention from investors.

Share your experience with these above three crowdfunding website, Also comment and share where are you looking to travel? Let us know in a comment below!